Getting the best DTH connection for your home

Getting the best DTH connection for your home

Complement your shiny new flat screen TV with the best DTH connection – get Airtel DTH for the ultimate ‘Wow!’ experience when watching TV.

Of all the simple pleasures in life, watching your favourite TV shows and movies must rank high up on the list. It is so easy to seek the kind of entertainment that you like when you have a TV set and a working cable TV connection. Just switch on the TV, surf channels and settle in!

But if you are a regular TV watcher who absolutely must know what happened next in their favourite soap opera, or who likes to sit up late to catch up on football, then your TV set deserves much better than the standard issue cable connection. Sure, the cable connection provides you with a lot of channels – but are you 100% happy with the transmission and picture quality?

It has happened so many times before – the screen simply freezes in the middle of an exciting game. Or unexplained dots and lines start zapping across the screen in the middle of a tense scene in an action movie. Or entire channels simply vanish without a trace, just when you are settling on your couch in anticipation of watching your favourite movie or an important debate on the news channel?

Do you want to have the best ever TV viewing experience, with excellent sound and picture quality and lots more channels to choose from? Do you want to have greater freedom to choose the channels you watch? Then you must buy a DTH connection for your TV set.

Why buy DTH for your home?

DTH broadband is the only fix for erratic TV transmission woes that you have been facing. Since it uses a digital mix of signals on certain band of frequencies, the picture transmission is much superior to the usual cable TV connection.

It allows for a greater degree of customisation than the cable TV connection. You can pick and choose the channels across genres and languages that you are most interested in, instead of being bombarded by a whole lot of channels that you will never watch. Thus, it offers far more flexibility and the freedom to pay only for what you watch.

It offers a superior TV watching experience with greater clarity of sound and more depth of colour. It works in tandem with your TV set to offer higher resolution picture quality and surround sound.

You should also buy DTH for your home because you get more variety in both free and paid channels.

Buy DTH from the best – Airtel DTH

As far as superior programming, superb services and easy installation goes, Airtel DTH has few competitors but it does have legions of satisfied customers all over the country.

* A big reason to opt for Airtel DTH at the moment is that it offers a seamless connect between the ongoing T20 cricket tourney and its website. You can catch up on the live scores and all the action on the ground by clicking on the website if you are not at home. When you are at home, simply switch on to the match to get into the thick of the action with Airtel DTH.

* Airtel’s monthly HD TV packs start at Rs 292 only – this is one of the lowest priced DTH plans across all leading service providers today.

* When you buy DTH from Airtel, say in Delhi, you get an HD set top box (that syncs seamlessly with your TV set) and a base pack of 335 channels at Rs 477 per month. Plus, you get 70 HD channels free for buying DTH from Airtel.

* You have the freedom to modify the monthly channel pack at a later date, to add new channels or remove some existing ones. Airtel DTH regularly adds new channels to the mix, so there is always a great variety of channels to pick from.

* Airtel DTH offers an easy monthly recharge process – simply recharge by logging on to the Airtel website or flicking open the myAirtel app. The recharge is done online in just a few steps, and your connection is kept live as before.

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