Great Options Now For Choosing the Sash Windows

Great Options Now For Choosing the Sash Windows

There is a lot to look at when choosing your windows. They must be user-friendly, fit within your budget, look good and keep your energy consumption as low as possible. In terms of material you can go many ways. For example, aluminum is a very strong material that does not crack or rot and it is not affected by temperature fluctuations, moisture or light. Choosing aluminum is definitely worth considering.

Choice Of Material

Sash windows also have many advantages. It is no longer the classic white windows that you imagine when we talk about sash windows. They are available in numerous designs, from a sleek and modern look and feel to a more classic finish. The sash windows London also provide good insulation and are a safe choice for your home.

Energy Consumption Under Control

The right glazing is an important factor in the windows for an energy-efficient home. With heat-insulating glazing, an invisible metal oxide layer ensures that heat loss is reduced. This keeps the warmth of your living room cozy in the house. With a sun protection glazing, a transparent coating on the glass keeps out the sun’s rays. However, the light is transmitted. You therefore enjoy the sun optimally. This glazing also has a heat-insulating function for the windows.

Choose Optimal Sun Protection

There are two ways to avoid too rapid heating of the house. For south-, southeast- and southwest-facing windows, it is advisable to choose sun protection. You can opt for special glazing or for a special extra sun protection using shutters, slats or a vertical sun protection screen. If you opt for this, the solar heat will be stopped before it comes into contact with the glass. So you do not suffer from glare or reflections in TV or computer screens. The transparency of the screens also ensures that you do not lose contact with the outside world. You keep it cool in the house in the summer.

Natural Ventilation in The Home

The EPB regulations have been in effect since 2006, whereby ventilation of homes is mandatory. In dry living rooms such as living room, bedroom and office, the regulations stipulate that ventilation grilles must be provided on the windows for that natural supply of fresh air. Contact us for more information about the possibilities. You renew your exterior joinery? Check whether you are eligible for a renovation premium.

Extra Freedom with Fly Windows

Thanks to fly screens you can open your sash windows London or sash window without worry, without unwanted insects finding their way inside. They are ideal for that little extra living comfort. So create the ideal living environment for every season. Of course, a safe home starts with reliable windows. Extra safety is not a luxury and we therefore recommend choosing a safety glazing or extra cylinder closures. A combination of the two is also a possibility. Feel free to ask our specialists for advice. They will offer you the best suggestions for the best options and according to that you will be getting the smartest options.