How do recharge apps work?

How do recharge apps work?

Let’s take a look at some of the ways recharge apps work and help you stay ahead of your phone and DTH recharge cycles.

Having a prepaid phone connection pays off in today’s times. Mobile service providers today have a range of prepaid packs that are affordably priced and which offer a range of benefits for users. What is more, they can be bought quite easily and you even have the option of changing the pack while recharging the connection.

Recharging your prepaid phone or DTH connection is also easy. There are a number of good recharge apps that facilitate the recharge process quite easily.

The different ways in which recharge apps work…

Recharge apps are simply phone-based applications that help you recharge your phone or DTH connection, either directly or in a third party manner. You can download your preferred recharge app from the Google Play Store or iTunes. The app can be downloaded and used for free. Another way to recharge your phone is to go via apps that promote other recharge apps via advertising – you get points for clicking the ad or viewing it.

Consider the ways in which you can use recharge apps for your phone or DTH connection:

* Straightforward recharge on your mobile provider’s phone app.

If it’s a recharge app from your mobile service provider, it offers a straightforward option of recharging your phone or DTH connection as prompted. You don’t have to jump through hoops to do your recharge, the way some other recharge apps may make you do! For instance, suppose you use the myAirtel app for Airtel phone and DTH users:

The myAirtel app has many sub-apps inside it, but its most important function is to help you pay your utility, postpaid and broadband bills. Simply click on the app on your phone, input your 10-digit Airtel phone number and enter the amount of recharge. You can also choose between quick recharge options, and browse any existing discounts and offers on recharge at this point. Or else, simply proceed to choose your preferred payment option (Airtel Payments Bank/Debit or credit card/Net banking) and complete the recharge.

* View content to earn points.

Some recharge apps today can be downloaded for free, but you have to do certain things before you get discounts on recharge. For instance, some might ask you to view a short video or an advertisement for a certain product. Once the video is complete, you get reward points for watching. Thus, if you watch a certain number of videos and accrue enough points, you can redeem the same for a discount or free recharge on your phone. Please note that the points are not added to your balance, and you will seldom get full talktime on your plan.

* Free recharge or discount on referrals.

Yet another way that some recharge apps get more customers is by giving a discount on the recharge with a joining bonus. To join up, you must give your email ID and other contact details, and you may be handed a clutch of points at the joining stage. Thereafter, you can be given points at every subsequent recharge, and when the points reach a certain threshold, you can redeem them for a free recharge. Also, the recharge app might give you a discount or a certain amount of free talktime every time you refer a friend who later signs up for the same app.