Print Legible and Long-Lasting Food Labels for Your Product

Print Legible and Long-Lasting Food Labels for Your Product

Have you ever attempted to purchase something from the grocery store but couldn’t find an expiration date? Maybe the label on the product was illegible or torn; depending on the industry, this could hinder progress if these labels carry important information, which they often do. Or perhaps you don’t even have access to an effective, reliable printing system in the first place.

These are things to consider when you are operating a business that involves product labelling, and it’s your job as a business owner to ensure all necessary information is located on the labels, completely legible, and can withstand the frequent handling of the product.

If labels are illegible, you may risk steering away customers who expect to find certain information on these labels but don’t. Additionally, producing labels by hand or with an inefficient printer is a poor business practice that decreases productivity. To get your business running smoother and to increase customer satisfaction, consider purchasing a commercial food label printer.

Why Choose DAL?

DAL food labels printers are practically running the game here in Australia, providing clients with exceptional products in a wide variety. You will be able to choose from an extensive collection of label printers for all of your printing needs.

In the consumer goods industry, there is a lot of information that customers need to be aware of about products, and they get this information from the labels. These labels are frequently handled and kept at various temperatures, so it’s important that they are durable and resistant to damage. Having a quality printer helps make this possible.

Your printing company will typically be able to print labels for you as well.

Types of Labels

In addition to printers that print single labels, there are three major styles of labels that you will be able to print out, but you may first have to decide what information you need to include on the label, in addition to the organisation of that information.

  • A4 Sheets

These come as single sheets. Depending on your size requirements, you can get as low as 4 to as many as 33 labels per sheet.

  • Fanfold

You can also have your labels folded like a fan so that they will stack neatly when folded.

  • Roll

You may also have labels printed on a roll where you will still be able to customise the size depending on your needs.

Low-quality labels are typically a bad investment and not something you want to mess with. Whether a company is printing your labels, or you are doing the printing in-house, it’s important for your business and your customers that you use the best equipment possible.